Urbanization Knowledge Platform – Visit our new landing page at UrbanKnowledge.Org!

The URBANIZATION KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM team is proud to announce the release of its landing page, now available at HTTP://WWW.URBANKNOWLEDGE.ORG_ !

The page provides an overview of the Urbanization Knowledge Platform initiative and lists all of our upcoming regional and peer-to-peer dialog events. In addition, the page invites you to sign up for our newsletter and to take a brief 5-minute inception survey.

As we are building out the actual Knowledge Platform in the coming months, it is critical to grow and engage our community. We hope to gather your input and ideas on what will make this initiative truly successful. Therefore, we cordially invite you to:

  • Sign up for our NEWSLETTER.
  • Take our 5-MINUTE SURVEY.
  • SPREAD THE WORD by sharing the link with your colleagues and friends

Please disseminate this invitation to HTTP://WWW.URBANKNOWLEDGE.ORG far and wide. We are looking forward to your feedback and ideas.

The Urbanization Knowledge Platform Team