Conférences vidéo (en anglais) organisées par la London School of Economics

Conférences vidéo (en anglais) organisées par la London School of Economics :
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– Living in the endless city. Conférence de Dr Joan Clos, Dr Gareth Jones, Professor Çaglar Keyder, Professor Saskia Sassen, Professor Richard Sennett, organisée par la LSE le 6 juin 2011. Site YouTube.
« Marking the launch of a new book on Mumbai, Sao Paulo and Istanbul — the outcome of the Urban Age research programme at LSE — the event will explore how social and environmental equity are determined by the spatial and political organisation of some of the world’s most complex cities. Joan Clos is the executive director of UN-HABITAT. Gareth Jones is a senior lecturer at LSE. Çaglar Keyder is a professor at Bogaziçi University, Istanbul. Suketu Mehta is the award winning author of Maximum City: Bombay, lost and found. Saskia Sassen is a professor at Columbia University. Richard Sennett is professor of sociology at the University of Cambridge, NYU and emeritus professor at LSE. »

– African urbanism. Conférence d’Edgar Pieterse, organisée par la LSE le 26 janvier 2011. Site YouTube.
« Africa is the fastest urbanising region in the world, and has become the focus of increasing attention from architects and planners, academics, development agencies and urban think-tanks. Professor Edgar Pieterse argues for a new way of thinking about African cities to accompany this surge of interest and to replace traditional views of African cities as sites of absence and neglect. Rapid urbanisation along with impressive economic growth rates for much of the Continent represents an interesting moment to take stock of how academic discourses capture and animate African urbanism. Edgar Pieterse is holder of the NRF South African Research Chair in Urban Policy. He directs the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. Philipp Rode is executive director of LSE Cities. »

– Lagos: Confronting Change in a Global Megacity, Conférence de Babatunde Fashola, organisée par la LSE le 19 novembre 2010. Site YouTube.
« Lagos is one the fastest growing cities in Africa, and the seventh fastest growing city in the world. Governor Babatunde Fashola discusses how his administration is managing rapid urbanization and growth of this 17.5 million city, the engine of Nigeria’s economy. Central to his strategy is the view that cities must pursue a bottom-up approach to solve the environmental and social challenges of the contemporary city. Babatunde Fashola is the youngest Governor of Lagos State in the History of Nigeria and a lawyer by profession. »

– Cities at the Speed of Light: Asian experiments of the urban century. Conférence d’Ananya Roy, organisée par la LSE le 12 mai 2011. Site YouTube.
« The 21st century will be an urban century. It will also be a ‘Southern’ or even ‘Asian’ century, with much of the urban growth taking place in the cities of the global South. This talk highlights these Asian experiments and the ambitious claims of the making of ‘Asian’ futures. Ananya Roy is professor in the Department of City and Regional Planning and co-director of the Global Metropolitan Studies Center at the University of California, Berkeley. »